Event celebrates diabetes advances, highlights work to be done

In September, Danish- based pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk collaborated with the Royal Danish Consulate General and the Canadian Diabetes Association to host Innovation in Diabetes Care: 90 Years and Beyond.

Held at the MaRS Discovery District, the event celebrated Novo Nordisk Canada’s 30-year anniversary and the significant contribution Canada has made to diabetes care.

Guests learned more about the findings of the Novo Nordisk-sponsored DAWN2 study, an international initiative that highlights new opportunities for improving active engagement, education and support of people with diabetes and their families.

“The key to a better future for people living with diabetes is to foster these collaborations and, together, continue to drive innovation and education,” said Novo Nordisk president Vince Lamanna. 


The DAWN2 study highlights new opportunities for improving active engagement, education and psychosocial support of people with diabetes and their families. 

By surveying more than 15,000 people in 17 countries, including 500 in Canada, DAWN2 revealed that: 

of people with diabetes feel discriminated against because of their condition 

of family members feel frustrated because they do not know how best to help their relative with diabetes 

of people with diabetes experience diabetes- related distress 

The ‘Rule of Halves’

Of the estimated 382 million people with diabetes...

  • about 50% are diagnosed...
  • of whom about 50% receive care...
  • of whom about 50% achieve treatment targets...
  • of whom about 50% achieve desired outcomes.

Only 6% of people with diabetes live a life free from diabetes-related complications 

* Hart J.T., Rule of Halves: implications of increasing diagnosis and reducing dropout for future workload and prescribing costs in primary care, Br J Gen Pract 1992, March; 42(356):116–119, and W.C.S. Smith, A.J. Lee, I.K. Coombie, H.Tunstall-Pedoe, Control of blood pressure in Scotland: The rule of halves, Br. Med. J, 300 (1990): 981–983.** Actual rates of diagnosis, treatment, targets and outcomes vary in different countries. 

This global partnership initiative led by Novo Nordisk provides a new platform for dialogue and action to improve the lives of people with diabetes.